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Major sights

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Lavra Percherska

No visit to Kiev would be complete without visiting the caves and catacombs within the complex of many churches. Saints relics are contained within the caves. Lavra is also known as the Monastery of caves. Built in the 11h century, the caves hold many bodies still preserved to this day.

National Opera house

A magnificent building set 100 metres from Kreschatyk st. The National Opera house still hosts most of the major opera, music and theatrical shows in Kiev.



St Sophia cathedral

Built in the 11th Century by Prince Yaroslav the wise, the 13 golden domes dominate the Kiev skyline. The cathedral was used as a meeting point for visiting ambassadors to Kiev and is now famous for it’s many beautiful frescoes and mosaics.

Golden gate

As it name suggests, the golden gate was the original gate to the historic city of Kiev which was surrounded by a fortified wall. Built in the 11th century it is now known as the Golden gate museum.

Andriyivsky uzviz 

The oldest and probably the steepest street in Kiev. The cobblestoned road hosts many cafes and cultured restaurants. Outdoor stalls sell mostly tourist items but you can find some interesting souvenirs to remember your trip to Kiev.

 Independence square 

Situated at the lower end of Kreschatyk, Independence square has been the site of many protests. 1st against the Soviet regime run from Moscow and more recently during the Orange revolution.

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